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Active Component

Active components are semiconductor devices consisting of semiconductor materials. Semiconductors are substances having a resistance rate somewhere between a conductor and an insulator . Semiconductor devices can be classified into single-function discrete, optical semiconductors , sensors capable of detecting temperature, pressure, acceleration, magnetism, and integrated circuit (IC) loaded with multiple functions.

Passive Component

A passive electronic component does not generate power, but instead dissipates, stores, and/or releases it. Every electronic circuit is an arrangement of electrical components designed to perform specific functions - passive components can become an active part of a circuit in unexpected ways. Transformers, categorized as passive, can raise voltage, but since they do not raise or lower power or energy they are classified as a passive element.

Wireless / GPRS Module

GSM/GPRS Modules are the next generation solution for modern day cellular applications. With compact designs, and innovative features, these chips can make wireless transmission a lot more convenient. These modules are also beneficial for applications related to GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Industrial Interface, TTS, RLS Monitoring, cell, jamming detection, vehicle tracking and many more.



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